Manufacturing process

Mat-Tech Production is responsible for putting together and soldering your product(s). To ensure that the desired quality is delivered, an assignment (broadly) goes through the following stages:
1. Consultation on design and technical requirements
2. Choice of soldering process by Mat-Tech
3. Delivery of various parts (by customer or supplier of Mat-Tech)
4. Entry control and process preparation
5. Assembly and execution (solder) process
6. Final inspection (leak and pressure tests, hardness, etc.)
7. Packing
8. Delivery of soldered composition

In most circumstances, as a customer, you purchase or manufacture the components and deliver to us for further joining processes. In consultation with you, Mat-Tech are also able to offer a complete solution by purchasing the parts or components and deliver the entire product.

Mat-Tech member of

Mat-Tech is a member of various national and international (branch) organizations, namely:

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