Manufacturing process

Mat-Tech Production is responsible for assembly and brazing/ soldering of your product(s). To ensure that the desired quality is delivered, an assignment (broadly) goes through the following stages:

  • Consultation on design and technical requirements
  • Choice of brazing/ soldering process by Mat-Tech
  • Delivery of various parts (by customer or supplier of Mat-Tech)
  • Parts incoming inspection and process preparation
  • Assembly and performing braze/ solder process
  • Final quality control (leak and pressure tests, hardness, etc.)
  • Packing
  • Delivery of brazed/soldered assembly

In most circumstances, as a customer, you purchase or manufacture the components and deliver to us for further joining processes. In consultation with you, Mat-Tech are also able to offer a complete solution by purchasing the parts or components and deliver the entire product.

Mat-Tech member of

Mat-Tech is a member of various national and international (branch) organizations, namely:

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