Brazing is a joining technique in which materials (metal and/ or ceramics) are connected to each other by melting the so-called solder. It is important that when making such joints, account is taken of the materials to be joined and of the requirements imposed on the final product. Consider, for example, properties such as temperature resistance, strength, corrosion resistance and visual aspects. To make the joint in the right way, the right knowledge and equipment are needed. Mat-Tech Production offers you both.

Among other things, we offer the following soldering processes: vacuum soldering, band oven soldering, protective gas soldering, inductive soldering, aluminum soldering, metal-ceramic soldering, fluxless soldering and manual hard and soft soldering.

In a number of cases we can also combine soldering processes with the heat treatment of the materials used. Consider hardening, annealing, tempering and aging. At Mat-Tech Production you will find a customized solution.

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