New furnaces

Mat-Tech Production (NL) has recently expanded its production capacity. In the new building a new vacuum furnace was installed. This furnace, made in Germany, has a work space of 1600 x 1800 x 750mm (WxDxH) and is able to produce batches up to 2000 kgs. A part from that, there is the option to use various processing gasses and different settings for pressure and the cooling gas circulation direction and gas speeds in the process chamber.

A second slightly smaller new furnace is also currently being installed. This furnace can handle batches of 1500 kgs and has the ability to cool verry fast. The hot zone of this furnace measures 900 x 1300 x 900 mm After various tests and trial runs, this oven will also become operational.

The new furnaces are an important part of the move to the new building. However, the management has chosen to implement the move gradually to avoid interruptions in our services and control is maintained over the processes. More on this later!

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