Soldering is the joining of materials using a joining metal to be melted. This can be a metal-metal joint, but also the joining of metal and ceramic or even of ceramic and ceramic. Many companies do not have specialist knowledge in-house when developing new products about optimizing the joint between different parts and materials. Mat-Tech Development & Testing knows everything about joining and the application possibilities of high-tech soldering. And soldering often offers unexpectedly good options.

Soldered joints have a number of important advantages:

• They provide good thermal and electrical conductivity
• A very high joint strength is possible (extra high when the joint surface is enlarged)
• Gaps can be filled (capillary action)
• No line of sight is needed, such as with welding techniques
• It is suitable for any production scale (single pieces to mass)
• It is easily reproducible
• The combination with heat treatment is possible
• Thick-thin joints are no problem
• Joining different materials together is possible