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Mat-Tech Development & Testing

Mat-Tech Development & Testing specializes in the development, optimization and testing of all conceivable solder joints. Whether it is fluxless soft soldering, lead-free soldering, inductive soldering or high-temperature soldering: we have the right research resources and specific knowledge.

A good development process leads to significant cost reduction during the entire life cycle of a product and all too often joints are the weakest link in the system. Hence the importance of investigating, perhaps in the area of joints, at the development stage of the product to see whether any optimisations are feasible.

  • Fluxless soft soldering
  • Lead-free soldering
  • Inductive soldering
  • Brazing


Mat-Tech investigates and develops solder joints in electronics. The development of alternative lead-free and / or flux-free solder material with a low melting temperature or solder material for use at relatively high operating temperatures for electronic applications is our focus.


Mat-Tech investigates and develops solder joints in engineering products. Improving mechanical strength, corrosion properties, lowering the cost price or enabling material combinations for special conditions of use are themes that are in the right place with us.

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