If you follow Mat-Tech, you will observe the ambition which underpins our mission and vision. The high-tech brazing company has more than doubled its workforce in the last few years. Investments have also been made in new furnaces and research equipment. Due to the expansions we have made, the accommodation of both the production and development departments became too small and therefore we moved into our new premises, only a short distance away from our original location on the Ekkersrijt Industrial Estate, a building of more than half a hectare where our Smit furnaces were first installed. Both “Production” and “Development & Testing” will therefore work under one roof in 2020. Our ambition for growth has not been limited to the Netherlands and we also set up our branch in the UK. Enough reasons to inform you about our ambitions.

The Markets
Mat-Tech is a leader in both production and development for joining of metals and special materials. Since the establishment of Mat-Tech in 2001, a reputation has been established for being a reliable partner for solving small and large thermal processing problems that our customers are confronted with on a daily basis. The customers come from very diverse sectors at Mat-Tech. The first customers came to Mat-Tech for advice on their brazing work. In the meantime, Mat-Tech has evolved into a company that is not only a testing and development partner for its customers, but also a reliable partner that can take over the production of the brazing work.

Nowadays, Mat-Tech produces and develops for companies from various markets, such as: semiconductor, machine building, aerospace, automotive, mining, electrical and energy management as well as medical.

Mat-Tech is proud of this diversity of customers and that these companies have full confidence in the high quality that is being delivered. Mat-Tech is less dependent on one particular industry and with both production and development departments, Mat-Tech has two capabilities that are interesting for all sectors. Owing to collaborations and partnerships, Mat-Tech is further encouraged to become the partner in the field of high-tech brazing and soldering.

The two departments (“Production” and “Development & Testing”) are currently located at separate locations. Fortunately together around the corner, but since the departments are increasingly cooperating with each other, there was a desire to get “everything under one roof”. The current locations are too small to accommodate the other department and to realize the forecasted growth, there must be an increase in the number of ovens and employees. A stay at the Ekkersrijt business park in Son was highly desirable: many staff are from the area and it is close to the A2 and A50 motorways. In addition, the center and station of Eindhoven are easily accessible via public transport. As the international activities of Mat-Tech are increasing, it is also nice that Eindhoven Airport can be reached within fifteen minutes. At the beginning of 2020, Mat-Tech packs the removal vans to unpack the vans a few hundred meters away. This is going to be a whole organization, because the ovens, X-ray equipment and other material cannot be moved easily. The total area of the new location is 6,500 m². Indeed almost as large as the football field in the Philips Stadium. Half of the new building consists of business space, which is spread over two floors. The expectation is that “Mat-Tech Development & Testing” will first make the switch, followed by “Mat-Tech Production” (including new ovens) and the supported services. The new address will be: Ekkersrijt 4302, 5692 DH, Son, The Netherlands.

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The UK
To further fulfill its international ambitions, Mat-Tech has recently opened a branch in the UK. Between Birmingham and Manchester, the branch is located in Stone, Staffordshire. Mat-Tech already supplies a number of international customers, but with the establishment of the second branch, Mat-Tech would like to further strengthen its position in the UK. Just like the Headquarters in Son en Breugel, Mat-Tech UK, will also focus on both its core strengths, ‘Production’ and ‘Development & Testing’. Arthur Miles is our Commercial Director for the UK responsible for leading our mission in the UK market. The Production Manager at Stone is Aris Nazarian. Mat-Tech UK announced its presence at the ‘Advanced Engineering 2019’, a leading trade show in the UK for engineering, manufacturing, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and supply chain professionals. Mehran Maalekian, our Chief Technical Director, made two presentations and was well-attended by both exhibitors and visitors.

Pand Stone Mat-Tech

The Mat-Tech employees are constantly improving processes and techniques. As the world changes, Mat-Tech has (not knowingly) looked at the company’s image in recent years. Satisfied customers do indeed bring Mat-Tech further, but to realize the ambition, people need more than satisfied customers. That is why the social media channels are now being restored, the website has recently been renewed and the new building is also getting a more modern look. The next step must be to improve our presentations at the important trade fairs. In addition, there is more open talk about the ambitions, so that we can move up to the next level together with the client. Further tips for improving our PR activities are of course very welcome!

The relocation to the larger premises and our international expansion are only two elements of Erik Brom and Mo Biglari’s ambition. Erik Brom, our CEO, is clear in the future plans here at Mat-Tech, and “due to the relocation, we have the opportunity to work more efficiently between the production and development departments. In addition, the new building offers a better opportunitiy to consult and investigate, often together with the customer, which joining solution is best. The new location will, in fact, become a centre for excellence and expertise in the field of joining technologies and we This actually applies not only to the new building, but to our entire appearance: companies, developers, potential employees must come to know that we are the solder-knowledge house.’ Mo Biglari, Technical Director, adds on that “in addition to the new building, we also invest in new furnaces and equipment. This makes us more flexible, can meet time demands from clients and the production department can work more efficiently. By profiling ourselves as a knowledge centre and by encouraging our team to be part of this vision, we are able to constantly attract new talent and expertise in our company.”

The branch in Stone, UK, was added to our portfolio of investment to better meet demand from the UK. Erik and Mo do not hide their international ambition and within a few years, they wish to establish a branch in Germany and possibly expand to other countries too.

About Mat-Tech
Mat-tech is the specialist in high-tech soldering. Whether it is the development of a new product or the improvement of an existing product, they ensure the perfect joining. The company consists of two parts: “Production” and “Development & Testing”. The first-mentioned department offers the possibility for our clients to outsource their high-tech braze production, to be assured of a perfect quality and service, at a very reasonable price. This does not always have to be serial work, as we do understand where demand is for production of a single item like prototypes. The “Development & Testing” department helps with the development and optimization of soldered or brazed products and their associated processes. Lifelong reliability tests, mechanical tests and analysis of the cause of the malfunction are important activities of this department. So there are extensive possibilities at Mat-Tech to investigate the reliability and the causes of possible outages (in the field or during production). Mat-Tech is led by Erik Brom (51, active in Mat-Tech for 16 years) and Mo Biglari (59, active in Mat-Tech for 18 years). The management team at Mat-Tech recognise that the contribution of each individual member of the team along its journey in the last two decades has enabled the company to be in an advantageous position where it stands today and held in high esteem by its client base. Erik explains that, ‘we invest substantially in the business but in return we receive a lot from all stakeholders in the business, including members of the team and clients.’

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