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Mat-Tech is specialized in the development, optimization and application of all conceivable soldering and brazing techniques. Whether it is fluxless soft soldering, lead-free soldering, inductive soldering or brazing: we have high-quality specialist knowledge. We are convinced that a well-developed development process leads to considerable cost reduction throughout the entire life cycle of a product. That is why it is important to investigate whether optimizations are possible even in the area of joints. We offer extensive possibilities to investigate reliability and causes of possible outages (in the field or during production).

Both Mat-Tech Development & Testing and Mat-Tech Production are located on the Ekkersrijt industrial estate in Son en Breugel. Since 2019, Mat-Tech also has a branch in Stone (England). The English branch also has the two departments: Mat-Tech Development & Testing and Mat-Tech Production.

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Ambition Mat-Tech

If you follow Mat-Tech, you will observe the ambition which underpins our mission and vision. The high-tech brazing company has more than doubled its workforce in the last few years. Investments have also been made in new furnaces and research equipment. Due to the expansions we have made, the accommodation of both the production and development departments became too small and therefore we moved into our new premises. Enough reasons to publish an article about the ambitions of Mat-Tech. Read more

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Introduction Mat-Tech UK

To further fulfill its international ambitions, Mat-Tech has recently opened a branch in the UK. Between Birmingham and Manchester, the branch is located in Stone, Staffordshire. Mat-Tech already supplies a number of international customers, but with the establishment of the second branch, Mat-Tech would like to further strengthen its position in the UK. Just like the Headquarters in Son en Breugel, Arthur Miles is our Commercial Director for the UK responsible for leading our mission in the UK market. Read more

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Again ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

We start 2020 with the message that we have been accredited again with ISO 9001: 2015. We have been able to demonstrate that we are able to continuously improve processes, products and services and that we can also safeguard these processes. This applies not only to the branch in Son en Breugel (the Netherlands) but also to the branch in Stone (United Kingdom). Read more

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